Project Details

Over the years, vStream has built up an impressive portfolio of projects for Jameson. These include an Augmented Reality sampling event game, the centerpiece film at their International Visitor Centre and the world’s first global, internet broadcast: the Jameson Global Party.

Jameson AR Game

Developed exclusively for Jameson in 2010 and using specially designed AR dripmats, consumers in bars all over the world were asked to pit their skills against their friends to see who can fulfil a virtual drinks order in the fastest time. Using cutting edge technology, Jameson broke the mould for sampling events by bringing Augmented Reality to the point of purchase and delivering a fun, engaging experience.

The John Jameson Story

This big budget, period short film challenged vStream to recreate Dublin in 1802. Period sets were created in 3D by our VFX Department and were then seamlessly combined with footage from a series of live action, location shoots in the original distillery, featuring a cast and crew that numbered in the hundreds. The finished film reimagines the origin story of Jameson whiskey and its founder, John Jameson. The film is screened on a daily basis in a multi-lingual format for all guests and is still the most popular attraction at the International Visitor Centre in Dublin.

The Jameson Global Party

vStream were first to successfully broadcast a truly global event over the internet. Five years in the making, this multi-country event was broadcast with live music events streamed from South Africa, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, U.A.E. and Ireland. The highly complex, live event required trans-continental hand-offs between hosts and featured international acts such as Razorlight, Groove Armada and Kodaline. Viewers around the world could connect with the hosts and interact in real-time with content via Facebook and Twitter. vStream’s success in developing the software to enable uninterrupted streaming on an international scale is widely recognized as having evolved online broadcasting techniques.