The Challenge

Jameson Irish Whiskey wanted to enhance the experience they provide for visitors of their International Visitor Centre in Dublin. This centre receives over 350,000 visitors a year, making it the most visited whiskey experience in the world.

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The Solution

vStream worked with Jameson to create a number of attractions for their visitor centre. The world’s first Augmented Reality Sampling Event game was designed. Using specially designed AR drip mats, consumers in bars were asked to pit their skills against the clock, to see if they could fulfill a virtual drinks order faster than their friends. The showpiece of the project was the John Jameson story. Being expert storytellers; vStream decided to reimagine the origin story of John Jameson, the founder of Jameson Irish Whiskey. This big budget, period short film challenged vStream to recreate Dublin in 1802. Period sets were created in 3D by our VFX Department and were then seamlessly combined with footage from a series of live action, location shoots in the original distillery, featuring a cast and crew that numbered in the hundreds. The film was screened daily in a multilingual format for guests from all around the world to enjoy during the tour.

Privacy Preference Center

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