Project Details/Execution

Working with an international multi-agency team, vStream were commissioned to create two 5-minute films in stereoscopic 3D to celebrate the opening of the Irish National Stadium. vStream were the first in the UK and Ireland to shoot in stereoscopic 3D using a POV immersive narrative approach.

The story featured an unknown rookie called up to play for Ireland in either the national rugby or soccer team. Stereoscopic 3D was an essential element in creating an immersive experience but vStream took the film to another level by leveraging patented audio personalisation, text personalisation and visual personalisation technology to engage the viewer even further. The real life star players, managers and commentators address viewers by name during the intense pre-match ritual and the stadium is adorned with banners featuring their photo!

3D Experience

vStream’s Animation and Modeling Department were responsible for designing and constructing the Aviva Stadium specifically for stereoscopic 3D. The interior of the stadium was populated with a crowd of over 40,000 people, all shot on location against green and bluescreen. The stadium models were then seamlessly integrated with the real stadium footage.The Aviva 3D Experience was available on match days and toured Ireland extensively with participants signing up through a bespoke iPad app at a purpose-built 3D simulator and enjoy the experience 1 to 1 on individual 3D screens, wearing 3D glasses and head sets.

The Results

vStream’s bespoke CRM software enabled Aviva to instantly capture data from sign ups and the entire system was networked with a multi-tier client server architecture, backup, redundancy and real time analytics technology, developed by vStreams software division. vStream worked closely with Aviva to activate sports sponsorship, increase footfall, online traffic and create major national and international PR opportunities for the brand.