The Challenge

Christmas time is the biggest season for retail and the Westfield Shopping Centre chain wanted to create a free customer experience for the thousands of families visiting their stores during the festive period.

ClientWestfieldProjectElbow Saves ChristmasTechnologyStereoscopic 3D Animation, App Development

The Solution

vStream developed the world’s first 5D experience using our patented personalisation technology. At the heart of the experience was ‘Elbow Saves Christmas’, a 7 minute Hollywood standard festive 3D animation. On-site cinemas were constructed in the Westfield Centres in London, Stratford and Merryhill where customers could sign up for the experience and have their name and photograph taken on a bespoke iPad app. Our personalisation technology added a 4th dimension, allowing 50 children to star in the story in real time.The integration of physical elements triggered by vStream’s software, such as wind and confetti effects, created a final 5th dimension. Marketing campaigns featuring personalised videos messages and an app featuring characters from the movie in an ‘Angry Birds’ style game were distributed as a follow up for the experience.

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