The Challenge

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim uses cutting-edge technology from SAP to improve player performance. TSG Hoffenheim uses the SAP Sports One solution to identify, acquire, and develop its athletic talent. SAP wanted an experience that activated their sponsorship and epitomised Hoffenheim’s innovative and state of the art approach to performance analytics.

ClientSAPProjectTSG 1899 HoffenheimTechnologyDigital Boardroom

The Solution

The result is the boardroom of the future; the most technologically advanced boardroom in the world. It is an experiential space for SAP guests and a digital hub for management and the team to leverage the power of SAP sports technology. This digital boardroom comes with an intelligent conference table where users can access real-time data and statistics and share digital content across the boardroom and to remote screens and devices. A massive interactive switchable glass display adds the backdrop for the room. The football inspired design is completed with dugout style ergonomic seats and artificial grass for flooring. It integrates SAP technology which Hoffenheim use for all aspects of running the club. Everything from ticket and merchandise sales to marketing activities to team performance stats and financial accounting are handled using SAP solutions. Hoffenheim’s managing directors can conduct all of the club’s business, both inside and outside of the stadium, from this digital space.

Privacy Preference Center

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