Bosch AR Reduces Automotive Repair Time by up to 15%

Bosch has been using augmented reality in an effort to speed up the process of workers carrying out repair work on vehicles. Particularly with modern vehicles, which have more intricate mechanisms than ever before. Electric and hybrid engines, autonomous and intelligent assistance enabled vehicles with more complicated wiring systems than their predecessors all increase the challenges facing repair workers. Augmented reality is an extremely proficient tool for on the job employee training and upskilling.

augmented reality Bosch

A recent study by Bosch found that “using AR applications, time savings of 15% on average per step taken are possible even on common vehicles and less sophisticated repair tasks such as e.g. removing specific components. These findings are not a singular occurrence and many industries have adopted AR technology into their work processes as a result.” A study by GE found that a worker carrying out a task using a wearable AR device was 34% more productive than they were doing the same job but using a paper-based manual as a guide.

Problem identification through the use of AR means that the issue can be discovered more quickly and the worker can begin repairs straight away. The ability to keep your hands free while repair instructions are laid over your field of view means that workers no longer have to go shuffling through manuals to find the solution to the problem and are guided through each step as they complete the work.

ar bosch
“Trainer mode” with Bosch employees wearing Microsoft HoloLens AR headsets

“In “Trainer Mode”, the trainer controls the devices of the training participants and decides which case shall be displayed on their devices. In this case, any actions taken by the trainer are also shown on the participant devices. An entire group of participants and each and every one of them can actively follow and experience the explanations the trainer provides for each training situation. In “Trainee Mode”, the trainer accesses any participant’s device. In this manner, he can provide useful hints and tips and explain the next steps lucidly.”