‘Which Reality?’ is a hot topic across the world at the moment – from government to business. In vStream it’s either augmented, virtual or mixed. And that’s what’s lighting up our creative and tech teams in some of the truly stunning work they are doing for our clients. From McLaren to Mercedes, SAP to Epson, Pfizer to Kingspan, Skillsoft, NFL, the 49ers and even the Super Bowl!

As a business and sales tool, companies are aware of the potential and the predictions that companies from Forrester to Goldman Sachs are making (www.goldmansachs.com/our-thinking/pages/technology-driving-innovation-folder/virtual-and-augmented-reality/report.pdf).

But vStream are leading the way globally when it comes to actually realising this for their clients.

Case Study

As leading global innovators, vStream are preferred and selected partners of Epson, Microsoft, Planar and many other companies for content creation on their platforms.

Watch our case study video on our Augmented Reality work for Mercedes.

“vStream’s expertise in really harnessing the power of AR glasses and getting the most out of them, that was something that we were really impressed with and one of the reasons why we knew they were the team to partner with on this project”.
Nathan Fulcher
Sponsorship Manager