Project Details

Tasked with inventing a new, interactive platform to elicit fan attention in busy, arena foyers, vStream worked with SAP and the San Francisco 49ers to launch The Cube at one of the world’s biggest sporting events, Super Bowl 50. This new platform needed to successfully address multiple challenges, providing teams and stadiums with more assets to sell to sponsors while providing those sponsors with more creative ways to reach a highly motivated, tech-savvy fan-base in real time.

The Execution

The result of that endeavour is The Cube, a futuristic, brushed steel sculpture, integrating displays of transparent OLED screens on four sides, delivering incomparable colour and clarity. With a software platform powered by SAP HANA®, The Cube enables sports franchises, leagues, sponsors and creative agencies to overlay text, imagery and video content onto physical objects or additional displays that sit inside the transparent outer shell. Incredibly versatile, The Cube can be used for passive 6K resolution video signage or as an interactive, gamified platform. It allows for layered visuals on the front and pillar screens simultaneously, or for all sides to be used as a single screen, seamlessly moving from one to another.

The integrated Cube app allows interaction through touch or cell-phone and fans can even continue to participate online from their seats during the game or from the comfort of their own home. Designed by a multi-disciplinary team at vStream, elements of The Cube Platform include a software suite, management system, creative platform, and analytics and network management capabilities for application-specific customisation.

The Result

The Cube’s launch during Super Bowl 50 was a resounding success, displaying live stats on the competing teams, including touchdowns, running and passing yards with footballs representing the numbers filling up a rotating, transparent room. In addition, real time data on the Super Bowl Host Committee was displayed, including numbers of volunteers, applications and projects supported, all visualized on a 6K holographic time-lapse of the San Francisco timeline.

The Cube is an incredibly powerful creative platform that enables stunning, interactive experiences people have never seen before while leveraging the power of live data through SAP HANA. All of this adds up to a platform that will change the stadium fan experience forever.