The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry and patients is centred around communication. Medical information can be complex and technical. vStream has worked with a number of global healthcare and pharmaceutical brands to create patient-centric, immersive experiences that communicate these complexities in a multi-levelled way that ensures a deeper understanding by patients and healthcare professionals alike. This serious subject matter needed to be presented in an informative and immersive way.

ProjectVTE, Atrial fibrillation, Immunotherapy, VareniclineTechnologyOculus, 360 Video, VR, Google VR

The Solution

We have built up a portfolio of patient-centric immersive experiences using 360-degree video and VR technology. vStream’s healthcare experiences have been used to help patients better understand complicated medical topics like VTE, Atrial fibrillation and Immunotherapy, to name a few. Our work has helped patients across the UK, US, Europe and Asia learn the complicated details of their ailments and how to combat them. 

An immersive virtual experience through the inner workings of the human body makes it far easier for patients to comprehend what may be happening within their own bodies. The goal is to educate first, entertain second.

vStream has created a series of immersive 360-degree and VR videos for the pharma industry. You can experience this for yourself in our article; how the pharma industry uses virtual reality.

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