Learn To Build An Engine In Virtual Reality

VR car mechanic simulator ‘Wrench’ will be released on early access for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive later this year. In this mechanic simulator; players will run a shop and are responsible for their customers cars- from fluid changes to replacing engine main bearings. This is an opportunity for wannabe mechanics to learn the trade without the high costs of equipment and parts, all while keeping their hands oil free. 

Although this VR experience is aimed at consumers – it shows the capabilities of virtual reality when it comes to hands on learning. Building an engine is a complicated task. The ability to have visual and audio instructions guide you through every step of the way in a virtual world means that something as difficult as building an engine can now be attempted by anyone.

The use of virtual reality for learning and training purposes can give organisations the ability to create scenarios in which employees are actually learning by doing without any consequences. Creating an environment where users can safely make mistakes and learn from their actions is a very effective method of learning. This method can prove to be more efficient and cost effective in the long run for organisations who supply mechanical training.

Experiential learning, or learning by doing, is the best way to retain information or learn a new skill. By actively participating in a manual task, such as repairing a car engine, we are far more likely to remember the steps taken than if we were to just observe an instructor or watch a training video. VR has the capabilities to provide this learning experience remotely and on a large scale. This means that nearly anyone can learn these skills – no matter where they are. 

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