The Challenge

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. The Super Bowl regularly attracts a global tv audience of over 100 million, along with the 75,000 fans travelling to Levi’s Stadium to watch the game live. SAP Software Solutions work closely with the NFL and in particular the San Francisco 49ers; who were the hosts of Super Bowl 50. SAP wanted to create fan experiences that matched the spectacle of the biggest game in America. SAP needed to increase their sponsorship activation opportunities while demonstrating the capabilities of their software in innovative ways.

ClientSan Francisco 49ERSProjectSuperbowl 50TechnologyThe Cube

The Solution

vStream designed and built a number of innovative products; all of which were powered by SAP HANA software. These products provide teams and stadiums with more assets to sell to sponsors while providing those sponsors with more creative ways to reach a highly motivated, tech-savvy fan-base in real time. The highlight of these products is ‘The Cube’, a futuristic, brushed steel sculpture, integrating displays of transparent OLED screens on four sides. The Cube enables sports franchises, leagues, sponsors and creative agencies to overlay text, imagery and video content onto physical objects or additional displays that sit inside the transparent outer shell. Digital Pillars with the same tech was also installed in the stadium. Intelligent tables with object recognition technology were created. These tables came with 32 miniature models of NFL team helmets, one for each team in the league. When fans placed one of these helmets on the table they were shown content and statistics for the selected team. VIP guests in the Levi’s Stadium were seated in ‘Suite 501’, which has been heralded as the ‘corporate box of the future’.

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